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Hi Dell Support,

I ' m using Dell Inspiron 15z , I contacted dell support saying problem with the speaker . They said it cant be replaced as you're using VLC and it's the policy . I read through the terms and conditions nowhere it's specified.

how could they say vlc has solely caused this , this is such a stupid 

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please point in the right direction

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Jim Coates
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RE: Laptop Speakers

Tech Support will refuse warranty service for speaker problems if the popular VLC media player is installed on the laptop and if the laptop has Windows 7. Also we got a report that service was denied because a KMPlayer was installed on a laptop. The warranty remains valid on the other parts of the laptop.

Edit: as of 3/3/2014 the exclusion no longer applies to models that have Windows 8 or 8.1. The exclusion still applies to Windows 7 systems that do not have the latest audio driver and BIOS installed. The exact policy regarding systems with Windows 7 is still not fully clear.

This exclusion is not disclosed in the laptop warranty. I don't know why Dell does not want customers to know about this exclusion. It is perfectly proper for Dell to have exclusions and it does not gain anything by keeping them secret.

Bottom line, if you need to contact Tech Support about your internal laptop speakers, REMOVE ALL MEDIA PLAYERS except Windows Media Player.

Jim Coates -- 15 years on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

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