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Laptop having trouble starting after battery problems

My laptop has been plugged into a surge protector/power strip for a few days and I used it yesterday. I got on today and it opeNed to BIOS. It had a message about the power cord for my laptop not being correct and not recognized and something about AC. After I ran a diagnostic on that, it said I had nothing wrong with it, but it was recommended to run a further test with the memory. Before that, it showed colors in vertical lines and asked me it I had colors on my screen on the last page. I clicked yes, and it got me to the further memory test. I'm currently running that and have about 3 hours left. The error message on the screen now is "your system seems to be having trouble starting.  Dell SupportAssist is scanning your hardware for a possible cause." My laptop is a Dell inspiron 15 5000. Please help. I didn't order it online, and didn't get it from a Dell store. This has happened and I got a new chord. I'm wondering if it is a problem with the laptop.

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