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Laptop is not turning on

Hi, i have been using Dell Inspiron 3000 series laptop for past one year. While using , suddenly my laptop got off and it not turning on again and also charger indicator is not blinking even if i connect charger....

I have tried the solutions posted in blog i.e removing battery and holding power button for 30 seconds and turning laptop on, but it doesnt work in my case... also there is no beep sound encountered in my laptop.....

Plz give some suggestions for it.... it an emergency...



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RE: Laptop is not turning on

Hi Bharath,

Please try checking with a known good ac adapter just to make sure the system is getting power or you can try the faulty systems adapter on any other Dell computer just to be sure the adapter is good. What is the power  button status on/off flashing or solid and other led on the system.

For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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