Laptop no longer shuts down


My Dell Inspiron 7000 17R laptop was recently upgraded to Windows 10. With the installation going smoothly, the only issue I have noticed is this one. The laptop now refuses to perform a complete shut down or hibernation.

When the laptop is set to shut down or enter hibernation, the hard drive stops spinning and the CD ROM slows to a halt. However, the keyboard stays lit and the CPU/fan continue to run. There are no other status LEDs that blink and the computer does not respond to the keyboard or trackpad. At this time the monitor is also completely black with no sign of life. Pressing and holding the power button will turn off the laptop and tapping it once more will boot it back up as if everything was okay.

I have upgraded all of the drivers to Windows 10 from Dell's support page for this laptop, including the BIOS.

I have ran CHKDSK, Memory Checks, cleaned the hard drive, reinstalled some drivers, yet the issue still remains.

Any ideas on what is going on here?

Again...the computer runs fine, but when entering shutdown or hibernation causes the computer to turn off, expect for the keyboard LEDs, CPU, and fan.



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