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Laptop not POSTing and emits 2 beeps continuously

I have a Studio 1555 which has suddenly stopped booting up and sounds two beeps continuously.

I interchanged the memory modules and also exchanged them for new modules but without  any effect.  I have also changed the CMOS battery.

Any assistance to resolve this problem would be appreciated.

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RE: Laptop not POSTing and emits 2 beeps continuously

A two beep code indicates memory failure as you may have determined.   So swapping out the memory is a good start for troubleshooting. The trick here is first to figure out what the system is doing or not  doing.

One quick step is to plug in an external monitor and power up the notebook, if you get an image on the external display it indicates a problem with the LCD panel. 

Past that you will want to try to isolate the system board as much as possible. Remove the battery, any external devices, wireless card, hard and optical drives and the system memory. 

Now only return one memory module and power the system up, do you still get the two beeps, or do you get an image on the screen?

If there is no change try the next memory module and keep testing one module at a time, once all the memory has been tested on one slot, test on the second slot.  You have tested memory before but not without all the other devices removed. The idea here is first to see if any of the memory is bad, but to see if perhaps one or both of the slots are defective. 

If you can't make any change regardless of the memory modules, or what slots they are used, you will unfortunately need to replace the system board. 

If you are able to get an image on the screen without any beeps the system board may still be fine. 

Plug in the hdd and see if the system will boot.  If so then you may well be able to repair the system. Keep adding one device at a time, testing the system each time and hopefully you will be able to get the system up and running with no further issues. 

If the system reverts to the two beep issue once you add a device reseat that device and try again.  If the same thing happens over and over again when you plug in a specific device it is likely that is the device that is causing the problem and it will need to be replaced. 

Being methodical here you should be able to isolate the system board, and tell if the problem lies with the system board or with another device and possibly get the system up and running.  Please let me know what you find out. 


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