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Laptop repairs

I've worked on computer for 25+ years and currently own an award-winning computer repair shop.

I'm writing today to express my extreme puzzlement (disgust, really) with the Inspiron N5110 laptop. Specifically, who made the decision to put the hard drive UNDER the motherboard requiring a COMPLETE disassembly of the machine to replace it!!!????

It's the most common element that fails and you've made it as difficult as possible to repair. Other models are easier; in fact, some of your laptops (Precision workstations) only have two screws to remove to gain access to EVERYTHING - HD, RAM, wifi, etc.

So the design of the N5110 was not an accident. It didn't just grow a computer around a hard drive. So why? Did your engineers think this would be a fun chuckle when they get together with their friends and swap stupid engineer jokes?

Other models in the Inspiron N*** line have easier access to the HD - but not this one. ***, Dell? What do you gain from this design? No body thought about the repairability of the machine? Because it looks like you did and still decided to make this the most difficult hard drive replacement of any machine you build.

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