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Laptop shuts off when moved/playing heavy load games

This might be weird but when I bend the lid of my latop screen or try to move my laptop, my laptop suddenly turns off without warning then restarts (sometimes it doesn't), this also happen when i play heavy load games like rise of the tomb raider, after 5-10 mins. in the game my laptop turns off. During a light load activities like browsing or watching videos it works fine, I've tried cpu and gpu benchmarking it also works fine, so its not heat problem. I thinks it's motherboard problem but im not sure. I've tried these:

removing the battery and  holding the power button for 30 secs.

running the diagnostic (It says the system's fine).

booting in safe mode.

My laptop is an dell inspiron 15 7566. I just bought it last month. What do you guys think?

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RE: Laptop shuts off when moved/playing heavy load games

I have a similar issue with my laptop, did you ever find a solution?

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