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Laptop shutting down

My laptop (a latitude 6520), displays a black screen and shuts down without warning or explanation. It does so within 20 minutes of booting up. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less.

I connected my laptop to a monitor and set the display on the monitor only. Within a few minutes, the monitor went to a yellow screen and my laptop again shut down.

Windows Event Viewer doesn't provide any insight, other than an improper reboot.

I ran the BIOS test and and the LCD cable test failed with error code 2000-0415. The display works fine before the laptop shuts down. Is this failure causing the shutdowns?

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Hi TSP90,

Thank you for reaching out to Dell Community Forum.

Please try to update the BIOS and display drivers to the latest available version from our Dell Support site.

Also, does the system heats up during the usage of the laptop in 20 minutes?

Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information

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