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Laptop won't turn on .... :/

hi everyone , okay so i got home late last night and turned my laptop on and everything was fine till i turned on the ie ! everything froze so i held the power button till it turned off than turned it back on , only it shut down on me. now when i plug the charger in , it flashes between white and amber , where it indicates its charging and the screen is black. also i have a dell inspiron mini , please help asap and thanks ! :)

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Hi Rbaadesha,


Welcome to the Community.

Sorry to know about the technical issue with the system. 

If I were you, I would run the hardware diagnostics first to make sure there is no hardware failure. See link for steps.

If there is no hardware failure, try logging on to Safe mode - follow the link for the steps  -

Let me know if this helps.





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