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Laptop wont start up.

Help guys!

I have a 2 month old Inspiron N5110 loaded with Windows 7.

It was running perfect, not a single problem, I powered off as usual yesterday.

Today I pressed the power button, the Dell screen loaded with the progress bar, then the the screen goes completely blank, and then nothing happens.

It stayed like that for an hour until I switched it off.

There is no beeps, no flashing cursor, no error codes, nothing at all.

I pressed F12, it loaded the diagnostic screen, I run the advanced diagnostics, and everything passed with a green tick.

I had a drivers cd in the box, but no windows cd, and I stupidly havent made a back up disk yet.

Is there anything I can do?

Any help would be welcomed guys.


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Re: Laptop wont start up.

Hi devonian11,

Switch off the system; remove the battery, ac adapter and the power cable. Press and hold down the power button for thirty seconds to drain any excess power and then check system is working. In case system is not working, You can try one more step when the laptop is on please remove the ac adapter and the battery so system will shut down completely after a while put back the battery and the power adapter and check the system is working fine.

Please do reply for further assistance.

Thanks and regards,
Senthil S
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