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Large 'Font' at Log-in page

When I turn my Inspiron 1520 on, the first page that comes up - the 'Log In' page has a very large 'font' at times. When it does, it has a red 'dot' with an X in my icon tray thatask if I want 'Windows' to correct my page. It does not matter if I choose 'yes', or 'no', the result is the same. It does this about 1 out of 5 times that I turn my computer on. Any help wil be appreciated.

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Re: Large 'Font' at Log-in page


This sounds like your user account may have been corrupted.  As a test I suggest creating a new user account and see if the problem continues.   To create a new user account, click on start, control panel and user account and click create a new account. I suggest going ahead and giving the account admin rights.   Once the account is created restart the system and boot to the new account.  Try rebooting several times and see if you get the large font.  If not you can move you transfer your settings to the new account and simply delete the old account.

If this is something that just happened recently you can certainly try running system restore.  For more on system restore check out the following document.


1     Click start then click Control Panel.

2     Click System and Security.

3      Click System.

4     Click System Protection.

5     Click System Restore....

6     Click Next

7     If necessary, click the Show more restore points check box for a complete listing of restore points.

8     Click to select a restore point. Choose a restore point that you know was created before you had the problem.

You can also uninstall and reinstall the video driver and see if it helps.  You can find the video drivers from the following link


If you continue to have the problem, and trying a different user account, system restore, or reinstalling the video driver didnt help you may be looking at having to reimage the drive.

For more on reimaging the drive check out the following link. it has info on running PC restore or manually reinstalling Windows.


I hope that this helps.


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