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Latitude 14-5404 ATG, Hot, No manual fan speed control


I have a great Latitude 14-5404 ATG laptop that is excellent but it gets too hot. Dell have twice replaced the heat sink, the fan and once replaced the memory, the whole back cover and therefore paid for two engineer visits and taken apart my Dell twice which is never as good as not having to take anything apart.

The only other article I have found is for another model of laptop and the issue is similar and the problem the same =The unit's fan speed is fully automated and cannot be controlled through Dell app or settings.

So how do we make the fan do more work to get a cooler laptop?

Sometimes my laptop is so hot that I cannot work with it on my lap or when it is placed on a normal table. Wooden tables do not help but even a glass table with great heat dispersion qualities does not always help. When the fan does cut in, the air from the outlet is so hot that you cannot keep your hand there. If only the fan cut in early or could be set to run at 50% or higher all the time when plugged in say the system would be excellent. 

Any thoughts? This is the best article I have found. I am using the SpeedFan utility to monitor the fan and temp but it cannot alter the speeds.

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Hi Peter,
Genesis here one of the supervisors on Chat, I was going over this escalation about the swap request. From what I see on the history, there is no problem with the system's operation, just the heat coming out from the air vents. Basing on the operating temperature of the system (–29° Celsius to 63° Celsius (20.2° Fahrenheit to 145.4 °Fahrenheit)), the system could generate a lot of heat and still be functioning properly. Suspecting that heat generated due to the compact size of the system. The suspected parts were already replaced on the previous dispatches and from the details on each dispatch, the Engineer finds no issues with the system after replacement. As long as the system does not shut down or become slow during operating means that the system is still working as designed and within it's specifications. Unfortunately, the system not eligible for replacement. We regret that this may come as a disappointment to you and trust that you will understand Dell’s position on the matter.
Thank you.
Genesis D
Dell Technical Support

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RE: ATG5404 Too Hot. No Manual Fan Speed Control Big Issue

Hi Genesis

Thank you for your reply.

I can see it from your point of view but the engineer did not say that there was no issue. He said he would also look into it as whilst it was working, it was too hot. This was experienced in the short time he was there after the second visit.

He also noted when the heat sink was replaced a second time that the first replacement heat sink from a few months earlier had little heat cement left contacting directly and did look like it was due to a hot environment internally. The back cover was also replaced by you indicating that this had been an issue for others as again this was the first back cover he had ever replaced.

The issue is not with the unit but that it simply runs too hot. When the fan cuts in the air released is SO HOT that you cannot keep your hand in front of it.

If the system fan could be set to come on sooner or left on at least 50% then this would not be an issue at all as when the fan is on it displaces the heat well; great design using a sealed chamber to reduce dust and utilising the large heat sink!!!

To me this is still on going as there must be an engineer at Dell who can simply add a program to the BIOS or elsewhere to give the option to increase the fan usage above the absolute minimum.

Thank you for escalating this for me and I am sure many others.

Kind Regards


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