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Latitude 5480 Intel 620 Driver issue

Hello, I have installed all chipset drivers.  All hardware has been found, however the Video Card is being identified incorrectly as a standard VGA adapter. Due to this The Intel 620 Drivers from their website and from dell, state the video driver cannot be installed.  Here is what I have tried to get the drivers installed:

1.  Tried forcing the drivers manually.  Went in devices, Driver update, Have disk, and pointed at the intel raw driver. (Will not take driver because it recognizes it as a standard VGA adapter)

2. Tried uninstalling the identified Standard VGA adapter under devices (As soon as the computer reboots windows it identifies it as a standard VGA card, and reinstalls VGAPGP driver

3.  Tried uninstalling the standard VGA adapter in Safe mode.  Once again on reboot in safe mode or regular mode, Windows immediatly identifies the adapter as a stadard VGA adapter and installs the windows VGAPNP driver.

4.  Tried going to ROOT\Windows\System32 Driver, and tried renaming the VGAPNP driver....as soon as the computer reboots, it copies the VGAPNP driver from another location in the windows file syatem and installs the driver... Smiley Sad

Can anyone think of anything else to try to get his driver installed. I imagine, if I could get it to a state where the windows VGAPNP driver isn't installed automatically, I could get it to work.  

I have also tried reinstalling the chipset driver to no avail.

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