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Latitude 6440 cannot read PC Card


We have some Latitude E6440 and E6540's and we are not able to get the express card slot to recognize a pcmcia card.  I just updated a 6440 to the A16 BIOS, but when I plug the adapter card (with pcmcia card), Windows 7 64bit will not recognize the card.

I even tried booting into a Linux live CD to see if it saw it there, but it didn't show up - but, I'm not certain this live CD (parted magic) would have pcmcia drivers.

PCI standard PCI to PCI bridge shows up in device manager with no yellow exclamation point.  The pcmcia card does not show up in Device Manager either.

Can you all advise?


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RE: Latitude 6440 cannot read PC Card

PCMCIA cards haven't been supported by new systems for years now.  Express card slots take only ExpressCards -- PCMCIA cards are a much older, completely incompatible technology.  

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