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Latitude 7285

Hi, was checking latitude 7285 as a possible replacement of my 3.5 years old venue 11 pro. I've got a few questions 

-- Latitude 7285 has been on shelf in the US for like a month or so. Has any early birds received theirs? Are there review units and will there be reviews coming out?

-- It says on the website ship in 8-11 days, then in cart it says 11-15 days. Which one tells the truth? Since I'll be moving in a month or so, further delays kind of matters.

-- It seems to be the first to have an M2 2230 class 35 SSD. What is its performance like?

-- Are the USB-C thunderbolt ports x4 or x2 for vPro and non-vPro?

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RE: Latitude 7285

NotebookReview and NotebookCheck often have reviews of new systems fairly quickly, so I'd keep an eye on them if you're not already.

Not sure what to tell you on the ship date discrepancy. I'd be more inclined to believe the estimate that's provided after it's in your cart and it's looked at your specific configuration, for what it's worth.  But given that unforeseen issues can always occur either during manufacturing/testing or with the shipping companies themselves, if you're moving soon, I personally would wait until you're at your new location before ordering a new laptop if I were in your position.

Class 35 is a new one for me, but for what it's worth, the official Dell slide shown here indicates Class 30 has always been "Best in class SATA", whereas 40 has been NVMe-based SSDs.  My guess is that Class 35 now exists because SATA SSDs continue to get faster, so I would predict performance that would be equivalent to new SATA SSDs on the market.  Note that M.2 does NOT always mean NVMe.  That is a common misconception.

For Thunderbolt, this page provides PCIe lane information for many models.  The Latitude 7285 isn't listed yet, but the 7280 shows x4, so I doubt they would have gone backward with the 7285. vPro vs non-vPro doesn't seem to matter, nor would I have expected it to. Note that this spec is separate from the number of GPU outputs wired to the Thunderbolt port (some people think PCIe lane bandwidth affects display bandwidth, which it doesn't), but every Dell model I'm aware of that has Thunderbolt 3 has had 2 GPU outputs wired to that port.