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Latitude C400 memory

Hi guys;


Some time ago, I bought my wife a used C400 with 512mb of ram.  I was thinking of upgrading this if possible and came across a few websites that say the maximum capacity is 1gb in two slots.


I only see one slot under the door in the bottom - so my question is - where is the other slot?  I checked the online manual, but there is no reference to another slot in the C400.



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Generally, when only one memory slot is accessible, the other is on top of the mainboard, under the keyboard.


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I actually just found an old Dell tech web page with photo instructions for disassembly of the C400 and it does indeed show a ram module below the keyboard.


Not sure it's worth messing with at this point as the hinges are on the way out too.  If I can find a pair of 512 sticks cheap I may give it a try.



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