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Latitude D420 port replicator in Windows 7

I have recentlty upgraded this machine to Windows 7 x86.

The laptop is fine, no issues whatsoever, but when I put it into the port replicator, only the monitor works, plus the power supply.

USB devices activiate on startup but then power off again once Windows boots. The dock is showing in WIndows, but only as a non-functional USB hub.

The monitors is fine and can be adjusted, etc.

Can anyone suggest a possible solution? 

Many thanks

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Re: Latitude D420 port replicator in Windows 7

Here is a list for Windows 7 compatibility for Dell systems.  


Unfortunatly your system is not listed so it isn't compatible.  That doesn't mean that Windows 7 won't work on the system but there usually are a number of drivers that may not be avaiable for the system.  I suggest checking device manager, click on start, then right click computer, and choose device manager on the link to the left.  Look for any devices that may not have drivers installed for them.  You can check support.dell.com for possible replacements, there are no official Windows 7 drivers for the D420 but the Vista drivers can sometimes work as replacments.


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