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Latitude D505 on/off switch

The trusty D505 won't start. It was OK until two days ago when it was reluctant to start but with a bit of pushing of the main switch it got going. Last night there was nothing. There are no lights on for a few seconds, anything like that. It's a matter of nothing happening at all.

It could be more serious, but one thing that comes to mind is that the micro-switch has failed. It sits on a small sub-board which the Dell manuals do not isolate from the MB in their pics.

I was going to bridge the switch solder tabs to see if it got it running, but there are two solder tabs on the far side of the switch and three on the near side. I'm not rushing to bridge anything without some advice.

Does anyone know how the switch is configured? It's a bit of a puzzle to me why so many tabs.

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Re: Latitude D505 on/off switch

Dr Shifty,


The information that you are asking for is apparently not publicly available.  I did, however, find a source for a replacement LED/Switch board for your model.  Check this link:




Unfortunately the part number shown is not a genuine Dell part number, which may mean that Dell does not offer this item as a discreet component part.  You may be able to contact Dell support for additional parts information via chat or via e-mail.



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Re: Latitude D505 on/off switch

Thanks for the link, Steve.

The part number there is the same as on the card in the laptop.

Trouble is, I don't really know if this is the offending part or not. I'm in Australia so I will try to get in touch with the Oz Dell people.

A closer look at the switch solder tabs shows what is probably two sets of contacts and an earth contact. Centre bottom tab is earth. Top left tab is A1, bottom left is A2 - top right tab is B1, bottom right is B2. It might be that these pairs need bridging and it starts up. I'll get more adventurous/desparate soon and give it a try. And I don't mind replacing just the switch if that is the problem.

Thanks again
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