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Latitude D510 Display Dilemmas

I'm looking to replace the screen of my Latitude D510 with an SXGA+ screen. Before I wanted to get one, I experimented with two other screens I had, a WXGA and a WSXGA+ screen. The WXGA screen worked fine, but the WSXGA+ screen had alternating vertical lines of readable data but was still recognized. That probably means that either my D510 has integrated graphics that takes strictly a single-channel LVDS screen or the connector cable is strictly made to be single-channel only. I wanted to get an SXGA+ screen for my D510 because one was available for the D610, but now I'm unsure on if I am able to get one or not. I want to get the most out of my D510, so I want to know the maximum screen resolution I am able to drive this thing to. Or, is there a single-channel LVDS screen that is 1400x1050 in resolution? Or, is there a dual-channel LVDS cable I can get for it?

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