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Latitude D610 Power supply

I have a Latitude D610 laptop with a 90W power supply (P/N 320-1389) that start to go bad on me. Since I'll start a new job soon that will require a lot of travel with car and plane I was thinking I might get the 65W car/Air/AC (P/N 310-8814) power supply that would fit my needs perfectly. However, according the the website this power supply is not compatable with the D610 (but with D620 and D630). Does anyone know if I could use the 65W power supply anyway, or am I SOL in regards of using the 65W power supply for my D610?

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Re: Latitude D610 Power supply

If the system came with a 90W power supply, replace it with a 90W unit.  Particularly with the nVidia or ATI video systems, you need the 90W adapter.  The Intel integrated video systems can get by with the 65W units (but generally ship with those from the factory).


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Re: Latitude D610 Power supply

I have this adapter for travel and it works fine on my D610, in the car, on an airplane, and plugged in. I am in the Middle East right now using it and it works fine- charges my battery and runs the computer w/o any problem. I do have the Intel integrated video chipset but I have watched movies without any issues, and this is the most intensive thing that the computer does.


steve Rose

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