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Latitude D810 Randomly Powers Off

Hi i have a Latitude D810 that has been working fine up until last week, however now it will just randomly cut off dead right in the middle of things. It then refuses to POST and all that happens is the LEDs come on and the unit makes no fan noise or any sign of life then the LED's just go off. At first i found to get it to come back on i had to disconnect the internal keyboard power on then power off reconnect the internal keyboard and power back on and it would be fine for hours then the process started again, but i now feel that it is getting worse as on the last occasion (tonight when i was doing a live gig with it) simply taking the keyboard out didnt work. After 5 minutes (luckly) of pressing the power button and seeing just dreaded LEDs it sprung back into life and booted into windows fine then has been ok all night. Can anyone shed some light on what could be wrong with it as its not a bad spec system and i cant really afford a new one right now.



Latitude D810
Pentium M 1.73GHz
2GB DDR2 533
Radeon x600 Mobility 128MB
Vista Ultimate 32bit 

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