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Latitude E5470 - how to enable Bitlocker?


We just received a batch of E5470's but we are unable to encrypt them with Bitlocker.  We will be installing Win7 64bit.  The BIOS is at 1.12.6.  We will PXE boot and image these from a MDT.

In the BIOS, we select:

Boot sequence - UEFI (uncheck onboard NIC ipv4 and 6)

Advanced boot options - Select "enable legacy option ROMS" and "enable attempt legacy boot"

Integrated NIC - Check "enable UEFI network stack" and "enabled with PXE"

SATA Operation - AHCI

Security TPM 2.0 - "TPM On"  "SHA-256"  "Attestation Enable" "Key Storage Enable" and of course "Enabled"

Secure boot enable - "disabled"

MBAM gets loaded during the image.  When we login and attempt to enable bitlocker, it fails to encrypt every single time. 

At the first login after the image, the TPM does show in device manager as "Broadcom USH" with an exclamation point.  After running Windows Updates and rebooting, it'll show as "Trusted Platform Module 2.0".

Does TPM need to be at 1.2 instead of 2.0?

Could someone please post the exact steps in order to get this enabled? 

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RE: Latitude E5470 - how to enable Bitlocker?

Update.  Heres the TPM after a reimage. 

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