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Latitude E5470 touchpad stops working during videos

I have a Dell Latitude E5470 on Windows 10 Enterprise, running the most up to date BIOs, chipset, touchpad driver, and display driver.

I am running into an issue that whenever a video, be it streamed or saved locally, begins to play, the touchpad no longer responds. The icon in the bottom right tray will not show any input, be it clicking or trying to move the mouse, and the mouse will not move, or allow clicks to register. Once the video is exited out, the touchpad resumes functionality. An external mouse and the Pointstick will continue to work during videos. 

Has anyone else ever experienced this before, and if so, was there a fix?

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RE: Latitude E5470 touchpad stops working during videos

Hi kscotland,

Thanks for posting.

Here is some information that may not be exactly what you're looking for, but might help you find a solution to your issue:




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