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Latitude E5510 upgrade question

I got this laptop from a person who no longer wanted it.  It has no product key on case.  It came loaded with windows 7 pro 32 bit for some odd reason. 

    It has the intel i5 cpu with 3 gigs of ram. I assume it would work with a 64 bit operating system with this processor ?

     It was upgraded to windows 10 pro from windows 7 but being it is a 32 bit operating system it is limited to the amount of ram.  The laptop will upgrade to 8 gigs of ddr3 ram so I assume I can install windows 10 64 bit on it. 

  Not sure if the hidden partition is still on the system or not but it would do no good as I want the 64 bit system so I can get the full use of 8 gigs of ram I plan on installing. 

    Just wondering if it would be a waste of my money to install a solid state hard drive and install windows 10 pro on it.  I just need it for one thing which requires more ram than it has now.   These laptops seems to see cheap on ebay and was wondering if there is a reason for the low value ?  I have a solid state drive and windows 10 pro 64 bit but when I check on Dells website I see nothing about it supporting windows 10.

    I see them on ebay with windows 10 pro loaded so again I assume it will work.  Just wanted to make sure I would not run into problems upgrading this i5 cpu to a 64 bit system and install windows 19 pro.  Thanks for any help in this.  Tom

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RE: Latitude E5510 upgrade question

The system will take 8G RAM, yes - though you're going to need to buy a license for Windows 10 -64 bit, since the existing WIndows 7 cannot be upgraded for free any longer.

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