Latitude E5550 custom battery charge thresholds not respected when connecting to AC power

I'm having an issue where custom battery charge thresholds aren't being respected on my E5550 when I plug my laptop into AC power.

Steps to replicate:

Using Dell Command | Power Manager, set custom battery settings such that the battery will start charging at 80% and stop charging at 90%.

Unplug from AC power.

Discharge the battery to anywhere below 90% but not below 80%.

Plug-in to AC power.


The battery will charge when the laptop is connected to AC power despite the battery charge state being above the custom 'start charge' point of 80%.

Desired outcome:

The battery should not charge unless it is is below the custom 'start charge' point.

Using V 2.1.1 of Power Manager and the A13 (latest) BIOS.

This looks like a bug in the battery charger firmware to me. Anyone else?

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