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Latitude E5570 Won't boot up

We left the computer on for about 48 hours with no activity on Googlemaps....when went back to use it, the screen was frozen on Googlemaps....wouldn't let us do anything - completely frozen.   Held power button down to turn the computer off...waited an hour....went back.  Turned it on and the Dell logo came up but it just kept spinning....the little round spinner thing just kept spinning and spinning.  We turned off again.  What should we do.  It seemed really hot as well.  

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RE: Latitude E5570 Won't boot up

Press F12 a few times at powerup - can you get into the diagnostics?  If so, run an extended test -- if not, call Dell for a warranty repair.

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RE: Latitude E5570 Won't boot up

Thank you for your message.

This could be an issue with the OS or the hard drive.

Restart the computer & get into bios & set the bios to default & make sure that the hard drive is detected & check the temperature & if the system heats up while in this screen.

Make sure that the air vents are free of any dust accumulation. 

Run a hardware diagnostic by following this link 

If there is no hardware issue found, restart the computer when logo comes up turn off the computer using the power button. Try this 3-4 times & this should take you to the automatic repair screen. Try to reset the OS.

If the issue persists even after this you will need to reinstall the OS.

Click on my Dell username & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & email address.

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