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Latitude E6400: Harddrive (WD2500BJKT) clicks when idle


I got a new Latitude E6400 less than a year ago. Since a few weeks (or months?) I noticed that the harddrive makes clicking noises. However it does that only when it's idle (= I didnt touch the laptop for several minutes) and not regularly. First I didnt care much about it but now I'm starting to worry because usually a clicking harddrive can be an indicator for an upcoming harddrive crash :-/

So I ran the extended harddrive test of the Dell system diagnostics - but no failure could be found. SMART seems ok too.

I cannot tell whether the laptop does that from the beginning because in the first time I used it just occasionally (and shut it off whenever I didnt use it). So there was not much idle time.

There are a few threads with similar problems in this forum and the generals solution seems to be a firmware update of the harddrive. I have a WD2500BJKT but unfortunately there are only Seagate and Samsung drives in the drivers list of my device. So, what can I do? Where can I get a new firmware? Or is there another solution?


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