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Latitude E6410 factory restore

I am trying to restore my Latitude E6410 to factory settings. I do not see a way to do this without a recovery disk, and I do not have one. Where do I get this disk?

Or, is there a way to do this without a disk than I am unaware of?

It has Windows 7 Professional.

Thanks for the help.

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RE: Latitude E6410 factory restore

Hello and good evening

I am a bit confused on your post. Apparently you are able to boot up and go online so the following will work for you.

Are you referring to the settings of your system. For example personal settings. If you are referring to a fresh install you can purchase a Windows 7 OS 32/64 bit from EB or CL cheap. Have you tried restarting and tapping the F8 key and when the display opens there is a "Last Known Good" choice which will change the settings to a point when your system worked properly.

Another good tool is "System Restore." Go to start then click on All Programs then click on "Accessories" and then "System Tools." Look down the menu and you will see "System Restore." Click on it and choose a "different restore point." I usually go back as far as the "calendar" will allow. Your choice depends on when you began to have these issues. 

Dell nor Microsoft do not have ANY 7 OS DVD's or so they say. If you are under warranty then call Technical Support and have them send you a USB Zip Drive with all of the factory programs. They load them at Dell. I have one for Windows 7 professional that I use only because my DVD's are 64-bit.

If you are out of warranty then order a new "IMAGED" HDD or SSD which will include everything that was on the computer "right out of the box."

Take care and Godspeed!


Otherwise you can purchase a 32-bit or 64-bit from EB or CL cheap.

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RE: Latitude E6410 factory restore

Hi mtquinn1,

What is the exact issue on the system? Is there a specific reason you are trying to restore the system to factory settings? For most software issues, there are tweaks to help fix the same before you choose to restore the system.

Since, Mark has provided most of the options, I will cut short my post.

If the factory partition is still intact and if you are able to boot into windows - load the program - Dell Data safe local / Dell backup and recovery from within windows and choose the restore option and click restart. It will format the HDD and reset the system to factory settings.

If the system does not boot into windows - restart the system and press f8 key and choose - repair your computer -> Dell backup and recovery - follow the onscreen instructions and restore the system to factory settings.

Keep us updated.

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RE: Latitude E6410 factory restore

The laptop is for my daughter, and she has put some sort of virus on it. Luckily, she has nothing she needs on the laptop, so I want simply restore it. It worked beautifully when I first gave it to her, and now it is very sluggish.

My husband used free repair programs that helped somewhat, but as she now has a chromebook from school she really does not need this laptop. I will most likely sell it... another reason I want to restore it.

As of now, it does not let me restore to factory settings. Rather, it wants to restore to a Disk Image, or something to that effect. I have no idea what that means, and I am no expert with this.

I tried pressing F8 when rebooting and nothing happened. No option to restore, nothing was different. DOI need a recovery disk?

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RE: Latitude E6410 factory restore

To make Recovery Media using Dell Backup and Recovery see here:

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