Latitude E6420 100% Brightness But Screen Is Still Dark

I have windows 10 installed on my laptop This is not a problem I have had before I have to shine a flashlight at my computer screen in order to see anything. When I open the display settings, it says my brightness is already at 100%, and nothing changes when I drag the slider, or when I plug it in. The brightness won't change when using the Fn key either. I tried disabling and re-enabling the display adapter and that didn't work either. I have also tried restarting my computer but again nothing changed. I don't know what could have caused this to happen; I've had this computer for a year and have never experienced this. Any help to fix this problem would be appreciated!
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RE: Latitude E6420 100% Brightness But Screen Is Still Dark

Hi Mhauke2

Thanks for writing to us.

When did the issue start? Apart from disabling and enabling the adapter, have you tried updating the video drivers?

drivers can be downloaded from support.euro.dell.com--enter the service tag#--submit--drivers & downloads---select the operating system--select from video

Do provide us the system tag# and also confirm the name the system is registered under. Let us

know the contact number and email address.


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