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Latitude E6420ATG BIOS A23. UEFI options


Recently installed the A23 BIOS and notice under BIOS Settings-> General -> Boot Sequence, there is now support for UEFI. My question is about he setup options available for UEFI. There is 3 settings;

1. Boot Option Name

2. File System List

3. File Name

1 and 3 are obvious. I'm after more information about 2 (File System List). Whats are the various parmeters etc... mean so i can setup an entry for UEFI Bootable USB keys.

I notice when I enabled UEFI, then rebooted and pressed F12 (for boot menu) and automatic entry was generated for the CD/DVD drive but not one for a USB Key. I understood the UEFI Boot options where automatically generated depending on the USB and/or DVD/CD connected and if it find a boot.efi file. I did have a USB drive connected with a boot.efi (a windows 7 install DVD) but it didn't recognise it. So I'm after details to create my own entry.

Look forward to your response.


Managed to do a clean install of Win 7 Pro by booting the DVD in EFI mode, then formatting the Hard drive with GPT. Worked a treat.

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RE: Latitude E6420ATG BIOS A23. UEFI options

Forgot to add;

the default UEFI entry (for DVD drive) for Filr system list looked like this;


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