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Latitude E6530 DVD Drive Noise.

The DVD-RW Drive consistently makes a clicking noise even though it is not operating with a disc. Then, when a blank disc is placed in the DVD-RW Drive, the blank disc swirls as if being read. This too happens periodically. When I eject the drive and keep it out there is no clicking noise.

Troubleshooting Performed:

Performed Dell hardware diagnostics. No problems shown. Ran M/S Fix It. I was told the Detect Controller was fixed. I am not sure what this means? Dell replaced the DVD Drive with a new one but this did not resolve the problem, the clicking continues. Anybody else with this DVD Drive noise problem? Any suggested solutions from this great community? Thank you.


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Dell-Rajesh R
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RE: Latitude E6530 DVD Drive Noise.

Hi yerby56,

It canbe an issue with the DVD drive as the sound stops when the DVD drive is removed.

Refer the following link which has steps to isolate the issue:


If the issue persists and if the computer has active warranty I shall go ahead and arrange for a service to replace the part.

Check warranty status: http://dell.to/10pMa86

Kindly private message me the service tag of the computer. To private message the service tag click my User name and click Start conversation.

Awaiting your response!

Thanks & Regards
Rajesh R
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