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Latitude E7440 - Wireless Adapter preventing sleep, causing BSOD (9F)

Good day,

I've run into an issue with one of our E7440 units. Whenever I try to enter sleep mode, it fails to fully enter sleep. Just hangs there with a black screen, and the power light is still on (not dimming like it should when it's in sleep mode).

I've narrowed it down to the wireless adapter. I can disable the wireless radio with the switch on the side (also disabling through device manager), and it will enter sleep properly. If I have the wireless adapter enabled, it bluescreens with a 9F code.

I've tried reinstalling the driver, installing an updated driver, and upgrading the BIOS (was on A07, now on A17). I've also tried changing some of the power management settings but nothing appears to resolve this issue.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? And have you found a working solution?

Any advice helps.

Thanks in advance,

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