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Latitude E7440 hard drive size? 9MM? 7MM? mSATA?


Can't find this info anywhere.  I have some 7mm SSD drives I want to deploy with these.   However, if it's PCIe, I might go that route too.

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There are actually four - 5, 7, 9.5 and 12.5.

7 mm will fit just fine -- 5 will as well, but I wouldn't count on 9.5 or larger.

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Hmm...  Of course in the product customization tool, it only tells you the size in GB, and not if it's mSata or 7mm, or 9mm.

Search through the support/specs manual too.


PS: There are two 'standard' sizes of 2.5" drives.  7mm or 9mm.

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Looks like it takes one standard 2.5" drive - the mSATA is optional (and if it's not ordered from the factory with an mSATA drive, the connector is not installed in the system.

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