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Latitude E7440 laptops with USB 3.0 SuperSpeed docking stations and Dell P2714H monitors

I bought some Latitude E7440 laptops w/USB 3.0 SuperSpeed docking stations and Dell P2714H monitors.  

  1. The docking stations do not seem to power the laptops via the supplied SuperSpeed connection cable.  Must I connect the laptop power source separately and directly to the laptop for power?

  2. The docking stations do not have a DisplayPort to connect to the monitors.  They do have HDMI but the monitors do not have HDMI.  I can use DVI to RGB adapter supplied w/docking station and RGB cable supplied with monitor but then DisplayPort driver says monitor is not compatible.  I guess DVI is the way to go in this case?  Need to pick-up some cables as DVI not supplied w/monitor.

  3. I have some more traditional Dell E-Port II Replicator docking stations that do connect to these E7440 laptops, but there is a gap between back of laptop and front face of docking station, making it difficult to seat and also appearing as if they're not designed for these laptops.  Is there another more traditional E-Port Replicator/docking station designed for these laptops?

Thanks very much for any insights you may have!

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