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Latitude E7470 Windows 7 or 10

I purchased my Latitude E7470 about a year ago and immediately upgraded to Windows 10. I used it for about half a year and started getting annoyed with a bunch of little things. Eventually I installed Linux and made Ubuntu my main OS, but there still things I have to go into Windows for.

I was considering re-installing Windows to fix some of the potential issues I've been having with it. I was considering installing Windows 7 again, but I wasn't sure if it's worth downgrading. Considering this model was made for 7 I thought it might run better.

I was wondering if anyone with my laptop has kept Windows 7 and could tell me how it feels. Also, I was wondering if anyone else who installed 10 has noticed it being laggier and more "annoying" then usual. Windows 10 on my desktop vs my Latitude are night and day when it comes to performance. 

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RE: Latitude E7470 Windows 7 or 10

Hi there, do you know what the specs are on the E7470, and have you happened to try a fresh install of 10 or just the update (before moving to Linux)? I know sometimes on on the upgrade it would be a bit slow sometimes vs a complete reinstall, but this is honestly in my experience so yours good differ. The good news (as I am sure you're aware) is as long as 10 was activated before you can just download an ISO from Microsoft and do a clean install of 10 without the key being required.

I would recommend trying 10 again, as it seems pretty snappy on my systems that are around the 2-3 year mark with an SSD etc, but if you're not happy 7 is definitely an option, I just personally prefer 10 on my home systems from the updates standpoint etc. 

I know this might not be the exact answer you were looking for but just thought I would let you know what I have experienced.

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