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Latitude Mouse with a Mind of Its Own

I have a Latitude D800 and the eraser mouse exhibits the behavior described in the thread about the mouse that "has a mind of its own" I was going to comment that my computer, purchased in late 2004 and delivered in early 2005 has this problem. Why is that thread locked? Has there been an official solution to the problem? I clicked on the FAQ related to it and it gave me some sort of strange "error" message about there not being any information there.
I'm guessing that there are a lot of people out there like me who have this problem but who actually need their laptops too much to stop and get the problem fixed. It's annoying and frustrating and makes me do a lot of waiting for the mouse to fix itself, but because I actually need the laptop to do my job.
Still, is there a Dell solution to this? In the thread I read about taking off the keyboard and disabling the touchpad and software fixes, but none of these sound like they are THE way to address what is obviously a problem with this product.
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