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Latitude e6430 artifacts


I purchased my old work-laptop e6430. It was emptied before handed to me. It cam with the win7 64 bit disk. It has Intel Hd graphics 4000 and nvidia nvs 5200m gpus. 4gb ram (in one slot). Core i5.

When I started installing win7, and that means when I first started the computer at home, I could see artifacts on the screen. They have not gone away. I first thought that it is because there were no drivers installed yet, but installin all the latest drivers didn't help. I tried ram in the other slot, dirrerent ram, updated bios, downgraded bios, updated to win10... I disabled Intel HD 4000 from the device manager, didn't help. Enabled it and disabled nvidia, didn't help (Not sure if that would even help me identify a gpu problem).

I am at my wits end. The computer worked fine for three years at work use. At work use it had the 32 bit win7, not sure what gpus were in use.

The artifacts can be seen at boot, browsing, and even in desktop-view. They are like glitches, not there all the time.

I am not a computer geek, everything I have tried I got from google.

I would appreciate any help.

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RE: Latitude e6430 artifacts

I could give you a more definitive answer if you provided a picture with example, but I have a pretty good idea of what you are referring to. If this is happening at boot time when you see the Dell logo, or even while you're in the BIOS, more then likely the LCD panel is dying... best way to test is to plug in an external monitor with a VGA cable, if you have access to one. If this is reproduced on the external monitor, then the problem is the GPU, but if not, it's the LCD panel.

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