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Latitude e6510 trackpad driver not working


I've recently installed windows 7 32 bit on my dell laditude e6510 and now the trackpad wont work. I've downloaded and installed every driver listed under "Input - Driver" at http://ftp.dell.com/Pages/Drivers/latitude-e6510.html.

I've looked all over the laptop and cant find any button that disables the track pad or the rubber pointer.

There is no trackpad icon in the system tray which is weird because I believe there is supposed to be one there. If I go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound I see at the bottom "Dell Touchpad" but if i click that it just gives me information on my wireless mouse ive plugged in.

I've considered reinstalling with win7 64 bit but I doubt that would change anything as the driver is supported from xp 32 bit up to win8. I'm really confused so any help is appreciated.


Joe Jankowiak

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RE: Latitude e6510 trackpad driver not working

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the post. Sounds like the driver currently installed on your system could have become corrupt. I would recommend uninstalling the driver/software from your device manager and restarting the system, then updating to the latest from the support site, linked below.


This Driver pack should install both the systems dell touchpad driver and application. Once installed the usual activity icon should be displayed on your task bar and when right clicked the detailed menu with advanced settings should be found.    


Dell Multi-Touch Touchpad Driver - Version 8.1200.101.127, A06



Let us know how it goes,

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