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Latitude e6540 Resource DVD Drivers

I'm trying to remotely help my daughter reinstall drivers from the Resource DVD (Dad's Helpdesk runs 24/7 it seems). We're a bit handicapped in that I cannot see what's on her screen and her description of the DVD's directory structure does not match anything that I see in the KB articles. The autorun brings up an html page with descriptions, but nothing resembling an "install" button. My primary goal is to get her ethernet or WiFi functioning so that we can get to the support website and download what we need. My best guess is that the appropriate drivers are somewhere inside a folder called \zipfiles (or something like that), but all of its subfolders are numbers, so are not horribly descriptive. If any of this rings a bell, could someone point me to where those little beasties are? Thanks for any info or assitance.

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RE: Latitude e6540 Resource DVD Drivers


Below are some links to hopefully, help you get the drivers installed on your daughters computer. 

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Latitude E6540 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals

If there was software on the computer that needs to be downloaded and reinstalled click the link below. You will need to register on the site with the information that is requested. Also, only Internet Explorer is supported on this site.

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