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Left/Up Arrow key combination not working as expected

Inspiron 15 5559 with 16 GB memory and 1 TB hard drive. Brand new out of the box.

Installed World of Warcraft and started playing. Noted immediately that pressing the Left and Up arrow keys at the same time did not move forward and left as expected. All other movement combinations (Left/Down, Right/Up, Right/Down) work as expected.

Ran keyboard test using Dell Support application. For this one key combination (Left/Up) it only registered the first key pressed. For all others it showed both keys as being pressed.

This happens outside of WoW, for example when using Notepad I cannot move up and left at the same time.

Is there any record of this happening before that I have not been able to find? Any suggestions on how to fix?

Applications installed:

Windows 10
Norton Antivirus
World of Warcraft
Misc stuff that came pre-loaded that I haven't deleted yet

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