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Lemon Computer- courtesy of Dell- of Dell Inspiron 7000, 17" Touch Screen

I purchased my computer and all my software with Dell. I purchased an Inspiron 7000, 17" Laptop, with premium support, accidental Damage, max warranty,  Microsoft Office Suit, and Adobe Photoshop  with Elements 13.  The first "version" of my computer was working 100% perfect with no problems. It got accidentally knocked off the table and the prong inside the computer got bent. The power cord couldn't properly charge the computer anymore. I called Dell to have them fix ONLY the power cord and prong, nothing else was wrong with my computer. I got a phone call from Dell about a week after I turned my computer in. They said the repair is taking longer than the expected. I asked why, they said because they are waiting to located at another facility a part for my harddrive.  I was shocked when they said anything about my harddrive nothing was wrong with it and I did not turn my computer in to have the harddrive fixed. They brushed it off never gave me any reason why they were even touching my harddrive!!  After several phone calls/ time / and headache later they offered to send me a refurbished computer 2 months later. That was the best they could do because they could not locate the part they needed for my harddrive.

(Keep in mind my computer "type" is still active on Dells website and is Dells #1 best selling computer, How do they not have the part??!!! 

I received my refurbished computer. It was another nightmare calling premium support to get all of my programs I purchased through Dell reinstalled on the refurbished computer. The biggest nightmare was trying to get them to reinstall Microsoft Office. Dell was yelling at me several times insisting they sent me a product key and they could not install it without that, and it was my fault/problem if I can not find it. Long story short they magically got a product key somewhere in their office and finally installed it on my computer. I took note of the product key they used.  It was working alright for the first two weeks. After that it started to go to a blue screen and it kept saying hardrive fail. In the two month period after I got the refurbished computer Dell had to wipe my harddrive and everything on my computer and reset it. I spent hundreds of hours on the phone with their " Premium support" and loss of business work in those two months.

They had no reason why it kept happening, every time on the phone with them was the biggest headache I have ever experienced. It was always like pulling teeth with them to not even diagnosis my computer, they would just reinstall everything every time.

On the 7th time they wiped my computer I got suspicious why my computer kept doing the same thing. I knew Dell was not going to do anything other wise they would have done it already right? I ran the program Dell SupportAssist on my computer. Within 2 minutes of running the program my computer started beeping very loud and said harddrive fail! I called Dell immediately and sent the report about the harddrive to them. They told me to turn my computer down the hardrive failed.  WHY did NO ONE run any diagnostic during the hundreds of hours I was on the phone with them? Why am I the person that discovered it?


Dell sent me a new hardrive and had a technician come to my house this time. The technician was Absolutely the BEST Dell employee I have dealt with. He was very professional, fixed everything fast. He even located another problem that could have been another reason my harddrive was failing, and he fixed it. When Dell assembled my refurbished computer they did not fully engage the prongs from the harddrive to the mother board. Half of the prongs were not "plugged" in. The in home technician caught it right away and fixed it and replaced the harddrive.


Yesterday after the technician left and my computer was rebooted, I called Dell once again, Time #8, to reinstall my programs on my computer. All of the software I purchased with Dell is way past the number of times you can download and install product. This phone technician was the worst one out of the other 8 I had spoke to. I had to repeat myself numerous times and tell him where to go and how to do HIS job. Once again why am I doing there "JOB" for them????!!!!!!   I asked him to first please install the drivers and run any updates on my computer first please. He said oh no no no, your computer came with everything already done it is up to date and all the drivers are installed. I knew he was lying I had been through this 7 times before him. He Never did any of the updates or downloads for the drivers. He said well the product key you have for office suit does not work there is nothing else I can do, so "You can find me here on the message chat window, I am going to disconnect now".  I said no you are not you haven't done anything why are you trying to disconnect and not do your job. I installed that he needed to call Microsoft and have them give you a number to re download. That's what the Dell phone technician just did when I called 3 days ago. He finally called Microsoft.  This is the part that really *** me off! Microsoft said that "They would have NEVER sent me a product key if it was purchased when I bought my computer when I bought it from Dell". Oh my gosh are you serious??!?!?!? If you have been reading this you would know when I first got the refurbished computer  Dell was yelling at me and refused to install Office on my computer, they made me feel like an idiot, saying I lost the product key and that was my problem. They even said I would have to purchase it again, It turns out I was right and they NEVER sent it to me.!   At this point and 5 more hours later the phone technician said he was logging off. I asked him Once again if he could please do the drivers and updates. He guaranteed me they were all installed. I asked him to put that in my notes that he said they were all installed. He disconnected the screen share with me and I asked to talk to his manager. In the 2 minutes I was waiting for his manager I checked for the updates and what do you know there were  6 updates  to do on my computer. They were updates on windows 10 and graphic card, security and more. The manager then got on the phone with me and said that's UNFORTUNATE that had happened to me! What???!! What was unfortunate that his technician did not do a single thing on my computer?


This whole experience has been the BIGGEST NIGHTMARE of my entire life. I never would have expected any of this from Dell. I have only had Dell computers my whole life. I bought this computer with all the bells and whistles because  I wanted it to last and not have any problems, and because when I purchased it I thought Dell was the best. Boy was I wrong.

 I can only hope that Dell and get actual trained phone technicians that listen and some who know how to do their jobs. The customer should not be doing their jobs. I do not understand why I paid for premium support. What did I pay for? It seems as if I paid for people to ruin my purchase, waist my time, call me an idiot, and help me loose time off work. I would hope someone can give me a trained technician to either give me a brand new computer with no errors and the least they could do is upgrade my programs to the new versions so I do not have to keep having the problems and hours spent on the phone with Dell so they can not fix it and tell me its my fault.


Question: What is Dell Going to do? Someone should be held responsible for awful customer service and this lemon of a computer they sent me.

All I want is the computer I paid for or a comparable computer, that is not a lemon and will not cause me to loose all my information again.  I would like someone competent to actually install the items on my computer and set it up.  I paid for premium support and have NOT gotten that so far. Why did I pay extra for that. I should be reimbursed for that service.

I should receive a NEW computer that actually works with updated software that I paid for, with correct purchase key codes.  I should not be dinged with my warranty for ALL of Dells mistakes and issues they have caused on my computer.

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