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Light Fx suddenly stopped working - please help

Hi guys,

I got alienware 17 Mid 2013

I went out for small holidays and after coming back, aprox 10 days with laptop being turned off all the time and left at home i noticed light fx simply doesnt work. It turns on with laptop start and turns off after a second, then when desktop is loading the alienfx icon in the tray is red but then it goes green and lightining goes on again for a second and turns off even though icon in the tray stays green and looks like its enabled. And thats it. When i try to change theme or whatever i can get lights for a second and then everything goes off, all lights(on the keybord,mouse alienware logo etc) What i've done so far is this :

reinstalled alienware command centre as it says in the dell support page. Basically all looks ok in my computer and all was fine when i turned it off before going holidays and it was not used since then. Weird stuff, can anyone help with this matter please?

Thanks in advance


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RE: Light Fx suddenly stopped working - please help

Did more searching and found this. It helped!