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Looking for laptop with Iris 550

I'm looking for a 13-14" laptop with Intel Iris Pro 550, shipped with these CPUs:

i5 6267U
i5 6287U
i7 6567U

Other specs needed:

- NO touch screen
- NO hybrid
- 8 GB RAM (or 4 GB with a free slot)
- display 1920x1080
- backlit keyboard

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RE: Looking for laptop with Iris 550

I looked around a little bit and I didn't see anything.  Its possible once 7th Gen Intel comes out, they will go straight to those. 

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RE: Looking for laptop with Iris 550

Those are Skylake CPUs -- and relatively high-end ones at that , so look toward gaming or gaming-aspirational systems, and expect most to have AMD or nVidia GPU co-processors as well as the on-GPU intel ones.  I don't think Dell has released any with these CPUs - but the Lenovo IdeaPad 510S series does have them and meets most of your other purchase criteria.

It remains to be seen whether these CPUs are adopted by others - given the shortly forthcoming Kaby Lake CPUs (and yet another generation of GPU), it may be they won't.

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