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Lost admin. password to Dell Inspiron N7010

After laying dormant for many months, the laptop we bought for being self-employed for a few months is now impossible to get into.  We were sure we knew the password, but alas, no variation of what we thought is working.  Been using pc at work instead, but now need to get back into this laptop.  Dell wants us to loose all docs, programs, etc by re-loading Windows after a complete delete and, they want $100 quote from one tech and another quoted $140.  We've had the laptop long enough it's out of warranty.  Does anyone know how to re-set the administrator's password to open up Windows 7 in this situation. Please.....!

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Welcome to the Community. If its a Bios/HDD password then send me a private message, click on my user name, add me as a friend, and send me your service tag, phone number, address. You will also need to verify the Name and the Address registered under the system.

If its a Windows Password, then you will need to manually reinstall windows, using the Windows disc that you got with the computer. After installing windows you will need to install drivers, using the drivers and utilities disc, or download them from Use the below link for help.

Note, you will lose all your data on your computer if you perform this step.

If you did not get the OS disc with your computer, use the below link to request for one.

Thank you


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