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M1330 microphone works in diagnostics but not in Windows 7

Basically, my M1330 microphone stoped working recently after I installed Windows 7.  I have made several changes to my computer recently so I am unsure of what caused it.  When I reinstall or update the driver (the Sigma one I am using says its current) BOTH my sound and microphone stop working and I have to do a system restore to get my sound back.  On top of that...when i do the F12 boot diagnostics MY MIC WORKS!  I am lost.

I recently got a new motherboard because my video card stoped working.  That same week I upgraded to windows 7. 

 I have tried MANY things suggested by people on this site...but any time I change or reinstall my audio driver I lose my sound.  I have googled...and surfed for answers but have come up with nothing that works.  Is there some windows setting that I have to change because I have a new motherboard? 

Additional hints * When I go to Recording devices and click on the device and go to the Listen tab, I click on "Listen to this Device" and try to click "OK" but the menu won't close.  Or if I try to click Configure...nothing pops up.

Is there something I should run to point my windows software to my new motherboard...I think all my issues are related to software trying to point to a board with another serial number (or IP address...I don't know.)  I have some random other issue where there is a red X over my wireless signal indicator in the lower right of my screen even though I have an active connection to my internet. 

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