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M17 x R3 verses window 10

I have an issue with windows 10. I loaded windows 10 before reading the Alienware advise that it wasn't compatible with the version of computer that I have and now window 7 that I had before isn't anywhere to be found on my computer due to me trying to get back to it and reinstating windows 10 instead which cleaned out all the programs it didn't like. I need a boot disk for windows 7 and for Alienware's running system as windows 10 didn't like that either. It seems that without a warranty alienware doesn't care about its older systems that aren't compatible with windows 10. Can anyone help? I have tried to reboot but window 10 is the only option. 

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RE: M17 x R3 verses window 10


As you are already aware, Win 10 is not compatible to work with your machine - see this -

Now that you have managed to install Win 10 on the system - what is the issue with Win 10 on the machine? What does not work, that you are trying to make it work? Might be there is a fix?

You could try downgrading the OS - see this link -

If this does not work, you could always try a clean install of Win 10 that fixes most issues -

If you choose to reinstall Win 7 on the system, since your system warranty has expired, if you are living in the US / UK, you could order the Dell OEM discs online - - this will include the OS disc and drivers / resource disc.

Let us know if you have any other queries.

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