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M2010 DVI out only works when used with VGA adaptor. No link to s2409w Dell Monitor!

Bought two s2409w dell monitors... tried to contect to my dell XPS m2010 laptop with DVI-I output using a DVI-D single link cable which dell sent with the monitors.  I can't get the monitors to come on.   Select the digital input on the monitors and a test pattern appears.   Plug the DVI-D cable in, and it gives a message about going to energy saver mode.  I press the menu button and it instructs me to move my mouse or press a key.  This indicates the monitor knows it's connected to my computer.

However... on the laptop side... I try FN+f8, opening the ATI CCC panel and trying to enable the second monitor, Opening the Vista Mobile Options menu and choosing Projection and Detect External Display, and I've tried right clicking my desktop going to personalization and display options and trying to enable the extra monitor that way.... NOTHING WORKS!!   The Dell M2010 hates the DVI output is all I can figure.

as I've spend days googleing this topic the only solution I've ever found involves using a DVI-I to VGA adaptor and powering the monitor VGA giving up the digital options and the added resolution.  

I'm using the ATI x1800 card that came with the laptop.  When things failed and I wasted two days trying to fix it, I took a leap after finding a hardware forum that provided instructions on how to use newer drivers by modifying them to get around the Dell restrictions on what drivers you could use... so I'm now up to this version from the gamers area on AMD's website...

           Driver Packaging Version 8.561-081201a1-072275C-ATI 
           Catalyst® Version 08.12 
           Provider ATI Technologies Inc. 
           2D Driver Version 
           2D Driver File Path /REGISTRY/MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/Class/{4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}/0000 
           Direct3D Version 
           OpenGL Version 
           Catalyst® Control Center Version 2008.1201.1504.27008 

Anyone have any thoughts on how to get my DVI port to work correctly?   Is there some ultra secret registry tweak that enables or disables the digital signal out in Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit?

I have Dell shipping me a DVI-D Dual Link cable to try instead, but I'm only half beleiving that this will fix the problem.   Thoughts?

Dela-Where ??

P.S.   The 5 year warrentee on the M2010 is worth it... I'm on my second video card & motherboard... they only lasted a year a peice.  Get the extended warrentee on this model.   I'm running Dell Bios version A05. 

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Dan on Dell
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RE: M2010 DVI out only works when used with VGA adaptor. No link to s2409w Dell Monitor!

Try this. If you are using Windows 7 - go to

Control Panel | Hardware and Sound | Display

Next, select "Connect to a projector" - and select the option to "Extend Desktop"

This should help.

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