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M4600 graphics card upgrade to Quadro K2100M

Does anyone know what it takes to upgrade from an AMD ATi FirePro M5950 to an nVidia Quadro K2100M card in a Precision M4600 running windows 7?

I swapped the cards, but the BIOS does not recognize the card. Windows starts to load but fails with BSOD error "hal initilization failed".

BIOS version is A16. Latest Intel chipset drivers are installed.

The K2100M is supposed to be from a M4800 so I would think there should be minal issues swapping into a M4600. Dell website has video drivers for the m4600 with the k2100m so surely there must be some way for it to work.

Could flashing the k2100m bios work? Where would I get the v-biios?

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