M4700 E-Port Plus Dock third display not being detected.

So I have my m4700 with an nvidia gpu docked, I have my left display hooked up through the VGA, which is running fine with the integrated graphics. My center display is through an active display port adapter to the hdmi on my display. My third, which is the issue, is through the opposite DVI port. So 1 on VGA, 1 on DVI 1, and another on Display Port 2. The DVI display is not being detected, however, if I unplug the Display Port, it finds the DVI.

I read the official Dell article about this setup with the precision line and it says it should work no problem with the m4700.

Here is a link to the article.


I have tried multiple configurations with different cables on different displays and cannot get all three to be detected. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, drivers are up to date as well as the latest bios revision.

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