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I'm rolling off a job where i was issued a Precision M4800 laptop.  as i already have parts and accessories for it, i'm looking to purchase one on ebay to replace it.  my question comes down to the differences / preferences between the AMD Firepro M5100  and NVIDIA Quadro K2100M  video card choices.  

NVIDIA is the 800 lb gorilla in the marketspace and has been doing video longer than AMD has.  I can't say i've ever had any real issues with NVIDIA cards in any of the personal PC's that iv'e built.  the "problem" is that a lot of the M4800s that i'm seeing with the faster CPU's (3.1GHz i7 Extreme - my old unit was a 2.7GHz) have the AMD video.  

so, is one better than the other?  if so, which one and why?


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Im going to Chime in here with my personal opinion.

The AMD card is faster, significantly.

  • AMD memory bandwith is 80GB/s, the Quadro is around 48GB/s
  • AMD has more shader units
  • AMD has better OCL support
  • AMD has Faster vRam, Faster Core, and faster Shader cores
  • AMD has Zero Core which totally powers off the card when not in use. (1080P and under display)

That Being Said, A lot of people have had issues with the AMD card randomly lagging the entire computer, flickering displays, and being unstable in professional applications.

My thread in the file/link image below outlines a lot of the issues I have had perpetually through the 2yr ownership experience. After roughly one year i gave up, got a replacement GPU (both AMD and Nvidia) to replace and see if the issue was my card. Replacement AMD still had lag, often crashing, and ran hot.

The Nvidia Quadro Ran cooler, and was a lot more stable. Ive been happy with it, even if battery life and performance on paper are worse.

Currently, Bios A19 for the M4800, which is to address security concerns with intels management systems totally bricked GPU fan support on two mainboards for me, two separate installs of Windows, and two separate driver versions...

My 100% Honest Opinion : Get an M4700, its cheaper even with 2.8/2.9 Ghz base clock processors. It appears to be built by a different sub-manufacturer and has better fit and finish, more stable driver releases. Ive never had a single problem with my M4700 at work.


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Thanks!  Hopefully you will get some good advice from the experts here on the Forum.


Hi Robert.

thanks for the info.  this is helpful, but I'm also looking for feedback from users - or tech support - about which is more reliable, which has better driver support, etc.



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Hi beekerc,

Thanks for posting.

Here is some information you may find helpful:

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